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      Haiqiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.(HongKong)

      Haiqiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.(HongKong)  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HQC Group, is specialized in the development, manufacture and sales of various chemicals. Upholding the tenet of "Quality, services, honesty, development", the company has established solid business relationships with tens of companies and importers from Europe and the US, the West Asia and the Southeast Asia.In addition, HQC group have excellent R & D laband production environment. Not only are equipped with advanced synthesis laboratory, pilot plant and to enlarge the production workshop and other hardware facilities, also has a number of outstanding researchers. We believe that we are fully capable of, in accordance with your requirements for your class from grams to tons of high-quality synthesis and production service.

      Product range:
      Intermediates for Dye and pigments
      Food & feed additives
      Fine chemicals
      Inorganic chemicals

      Add:17/F, Henan Building,No. 90, Jaffe Road, Wanchi, HongKong



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